Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jose Villegas, #999417; April 16, 2014

(Written statement)
I always said that if I even get to this point, I would have already said everything that needed to be said to all of those who I love and have been with me throughout this whole journey. Today, I realized that I can never say everything that needed to be said, because there is still so much that needs to be said. First of all, I love you. My children, my friends, and all my brothers who have shared this experience with me on the row and who continue to experience this without me, keep your heads up. I love all of you. Secondly, I am ok. I have peace in my heart and ready for the next journey. I'm really ok. Last but not least, to my true brother in life, Crazy J, I love you, man. You and Bella have been the best. I'm sorry I couldn't talk with you before all of this, but you know me...You are my bro. I love you. I'm ok. My babies, remember what I said. We'll be together soon. I love all of you. John 14:27.

(Spoken statement)
Yes, I left a written statement. I do have a verbal statement. I would like to remind my children once again, I love them. Crazy J, I forgot to write a list. Everything is ok. I love you all, and I love my children. I am at peace. John 14:27. I am done, Warden. 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ramiro Hernandez, #999342; April 9, 2014

Yes, sir. First I would like to thank God for letting me see my family. I say this with love, I'm sorry. I say this for my family with love and with God, I love you. I'm happy, and I would like to say on behalf of my family, I love y'all. I am happy. I look into my family's eyes, and I see sadness. Don't be sad, I'm happy. I am sorry for what I have done. Be mindful that I am happy till the end. To the family of my boss, I love you. Young people, listen to your parents; always do what they tell you to do, go to school, learn from your mistakes. Be careful before you sign anything with your name. Never, despite what other people say. God is with y'all. God is the only witness that knows what happened that night. I, Ramiro Hernandez, say this with lots of love to young people, listen to your parents please. Live your life to the fullest, you only live your life once. To the prison system, I would like to thank y'all. Thanks to the officers and to the warden that are going to witness this. I say this with a lot of love and happiness. I have no pain and no guilt. All I have is love. Love will win. Thank you God, I am going with you. 

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