Monday, October 22, 2012

Mack Hill #961; August 8, 2001

First, I would like to tell my family that I love them. I will be waiting on them. I am fine. I hope that everyone gets some closure from this. I am innocent. Lubbock County officials believe I am guilty. I am not. Travis Ware has the burden on him to prove that he did not commit felonies. He needs to be stopped or he is going to do it time and time again. The power is invested in you as a public official to do your job. That's all Warden. I love y'all. 

Offender information

For additional information, please see this Associated Press article

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  1. I used to write to Mack Hill. I found him an impressive person, completely lacking in self-pity and with an ironic sense of humour. He was most concerned about the effect his incarceration and imminent execution were having on his family.