Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reginald Reeves #999119; May 9, 2002

I pray that we all may learn to love and forgive so that we can have peace in the world. It is with loving and forgiveness and living to learn to love and loving to live that we can learn the power of forgiveness and learn to live as brothers and sisters on this earth. Until then, this will continue to happen -- capital punishment; and if we don't forgive, sooner or later we will all self-destruct. You need to open up your heart and let God in. I apologize for taking the life of your daughter and I know how much pain you must be in because I saw my family today. And although my pain is not as deep as yours, I am very sorry. Today, this does not bring you peace because this is not really the way. We should forgive and love and I do apologize with all my heart and soul and I love you and I know your spirit and God dwells within us and we are all one big family of humanity; we must all learn to love and live together. I will see you on the other side. Thank you for your hospitality.

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