Thursday, August 29, 2013

Robert Anderson #999084; July 20, 2006

Yes, I would like to make a short brief one please. To Audrey's grandmother, I am sorry for the pain I have caused you for the last 15 years and your family. I have regretted this for a long time. I am sorry. I only ask that you remember the Lord because He remembers us and He forgives us if we ask Him. I am sorry. And to my family, and my loved ones - I am sorry for the pain for all those years and for putting you through all the things we had to go through. I ask the Lord to bless you all. Tammy, Irene, Betty, Dan Judy - I love you all. And Jack, thank you. Warden...

Offender information

For additional information, please see Anderson's Murderpedia page

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