Thursday, September 11, 2014

Willie Trotter, #999085; September 10, 2014

Nesha, I love you. I hope this brings you some closure. Titus, if his kids are out there, I'm sorry for your dad. Shan, Charlotte, Baisey, I love you. T.T., I love you. Stay strong.

Michelle, Tammy, Damen, I'm going home. Lawrence, I love you. I am going home to be with the Lord. Find it in your hearts to forgive me. I'm sorry, stay strong. Jesus, take me home.

For additional information, please see this Associated Press article

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  1. Classic case to me of a history of being brought up in a dysfunctional family. (This was a story that Willie claimed he was involved with) For those of us who won't accept responsibility for our actions and blame our past for our out of control decisions we make are just excuses to justify our deadly deeds.
    Sure we are a product of our past,but somewhere down the line help is awaiting if you ask for it. Go to someone that you can trust and spill it out. There are social services that employ licensed counselors in every state. There are VA hospitals for veterans. There are High School counselors...somebody who can possibly steer you from carrying out something that can lead to prison, or jail time , or maybe life in jail, and death row, and possible execution. As I listen to Willie, I see other Willie Trotters and no one can feel your pain, but what is right always wins. Think before you act.