Thursday, March 29, 2018

Rosendo Rodriguez III #999534; March 27, 2018

First I would like to say I have been here since September 2005.  I had the honor and privilege to know many prison guards and staff.  I want to thank all of them.  I would like for everyone to write the people on death row as they are all good men and I am very happy I got to know them.  All of their lives are worth knowing about.

Secondly on February 14th the medical examiner and the chief nurse were engaged in numerous false illegal acts.  They tried to cover up that thousands were wrongfully convicted by Matt Powell, district attorney.  This needs to be brought to justice.

I call upon the FBI to investigate Matt Powell and the Lubbock County Medical Examiner.  Lastly, I was born and raised Catholic and it was not lost upon me that this is Holy Week and last Sunday was Palm Sunday.  Yesterday was my birthday.  Today is the day I join my God and father.  The state may have my body but not my soul.

In order to save my brothers on death row I call upon Pope Francis and all the people of the world.

Lastly, I want everyone to boycott every single business  in the state of Texas until all the businesses are pressed to stop the death penalty.

With that Lord I commend my spirit.

Warden I am ready to join my father.

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For additional information, please see this Associated Press article

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