Friday, February 15, 2013

Craig Ogan #979; November 19, 2002

I would like to say first of all the real violent crimes in this case are acts committed by James Boswell and Clay Morgan Gaines. We have the physical evidence to prove fabrication and cover-up. The people responsible for killing me will have blood on their hands for an unprovoked murder. I am not guilty; I acted in self-defense and reflex in the face of a police officer who was out of control. James Boswell had his head beat in; possibly due to this he had problems. My jurors had not heard about that. They did not know he had suffered a head injury from the beating by a crack dealer five months earlier; that he was filled with anger and wrote an angry letter to the Houston Chronicle. He expressed his frustration at the mayor, police chief and fire chief. He was mad at the world. Three and a half months before I worked on a deal with the DEA, the informant was let off. At the moment he left the courtroom, he became angry with me; Officer Boswell was upset about this. Officer Boswell and an angry woman were in the police car and they were talking in raised voices. In other words, Officer Boswell was angry at the time I walked up. Officer Boswell may have reacted to the...(Offender stopped speaking in mid-sentence.)

Offender information

For additional information, please see this Associated Press article

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