Thursday, October 19, 2017

Robert Lynn Pruett #999411; October 12, 2017

"I just want to let everyone in here to know I love you so much. I’ve hurt a lot of people and a lot of people have hurt me. I love y'all so much. Life don’t end here it goes on forever. I’ve had to learn lessons in life the hard way. One day there won’t be a need to hurt people. I love y'all so much. I’m ready to go but I’ll be back. Nighty night everybody, nighty night everybody. I’m done warden."

According to the AP, "As the lethal dose of the powerful sedative pentobarbital began to flow, he started to chant: 'Love. Light. It’s forever.'"

Offender information

For additional information, please see this Associated Press article

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  1. I just cant believe he is gone. The words GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT are very true. This case has proven that for the last time. How does a young man die with not 1 piece of evidence that did not prove he was there. This is why the death penalty has to stop. Texas is killing way to many ppl and innocent ppl. Shame on Texas for what you've done. You deserve everything you get that happens and Karma will have it's day with you. He was an angel and now doesn't have to be tormented by you any longer. You keep true killers alive and you're so CORRUPT that you don't even care who's innocent any longer cause you just want someone to pay so you can close the case and be done with it due to all the cold cases out there. I hope this was worth it for you. I see Texas having its day for all the evil doings it does. May God have mercy on your souls cause you're going to need teach murdering and you teach it to be the right thing to do. It is you who created the murderers and you are the biggest murderer of them all. You deserve the same fate. I don't understand why nobody is stopping you cause all you do is kill kill kill. That's all you're about. What a great role model you are. Shame on you Texas!!