Monday, March 12, 2012

David Stoker #892; June 16, 1997

I have a statement prepared that I have given to the Chaplain that I want released to the media.

I am ready, Warden...

I want to thank my friends in this place, that have supported me all of the years while here. It has been one hell of an ordeal. So, Animal, Ricky Don, Carl, Billy, Roy and all of you, that were and are my friends; thank you.

I want to thank my penpals for all their support. It has meant a lot to me to have you believe in me. Jo, Sheila, Trude, Jezz, Ursula, Patricia, Annelisa. Thank you. You made my life in here worth living.

To my family and friends at home. I am sorry for the pain that my death has caused you. I thank you for sticking by me all these years and for the love. I could not have had better family or friends. Remain Strong and seek Peace. I love you all.

To my lawyers, Steve, Kenn and all that have worked on my case. I could not have asked for better lawyers. I know you have done everything you could, and I should have gotten a reversal. Don't feel bad. You have done a good job! It is just the Courts. I thank you and count you as friends of mine. Remain strong and continue to fight.

To the victims family. I am truly sorry for your loss...but I didn't kill anyone. The D.A. knows this... I do wish you peace and comfort.

Now as for my death. Killing me will not solve anything. The taking of life is never right. I am innocent of muder. I proved this in the Court of Appeals. This just shows that there is no Justice any more in this once great land. People need to please wake up!

Let's Rock-n-Roll...

The End,

David Stoker

For additional information, please see this Associated Press article

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