Friday, March 2, 2012

Patrick Rogers #816; June 2, 1997

Yes, I would like to praise Allah and I am praying to Allah. Allah is most gracious. I will ask Allah for forgiveness because he created me and he will forgive me.

All of the brothers on the row stay strong. (Some words about Allah that I couldn’t understand.)

I love my family, my mother. I will see her sooner or later. Life goes on.

Don’t let these people break you. Keep true to nature. You do not have to act like them. Rise above it. (couldn’t understand)

Praise Allah – (some more Allah mumbling)

Kinda bad, ain't it?

Offender Information

There are some discrepancies between the official TDCJ account of Rogers' last words and that of Mike Graczyk at the AP. Please see his article for additional information, including Rogers calling Texas' spate of of executions "madness"

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